Jihad against Democratic Govt of Modi in India by Congress with Pak : Conspirators Midnight Meeting in Aiyyar’s residence

Jihad against Democratic Govt, Modi Govt in India, Congress with Pak , Conspirators Midnight Meeting,  Aiyyar’s residence, Left victory in Nepal,

Kamal Hasan with Anarchists Kejri-Vijayan: Rahul Gandhi on Gandhigiri to marry in US

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No One in Kashmir Will Hold Tricolour If Article 370 is Tampered With: Mehbooba Mufti: University of Hyderabad removes Kargil memorial

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J&K: 7 arrested including Son-In-Law of Gilani: Not In My Name protest of Cong in the Lok Sabha

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cow vigilantism

Karti Chidambaram leaves for London to avoid arrest to follow Lalit-Mallya: Kejri-Lalu in line..

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