Anti- National activisrts going to lead Opposion to rally against own government in presence of Asean leaders on Republic Day?

Anti- National activisrts, Opposion to rally against own govt, Presence of Asean leaders on Republic Day, Rahul gang, Hardik, Jignesh, Alpesh, Sharad pawar, Koregaon, Celebrating British victory on Peshwa, Emergency, Secuarism and Ram in Constitution

Guj elections: RSS on active mode, to unite Hindus: Corrupt Cong hugs to womanizers..

Guj elections, RSS on active mode, Unite Hindus, Corrupt Congress, Hugs to womanizers, Hardik Patel, Alpesh, Jignesh, Sex CD, China against womanizing, Accursed Sunanda, UK MP Michael Fallon, Profumo, Britishdefence minister, Bill Clinton Monica sex affair

Alpesh, Jignesh, Hardik jockeying for Cong tickets for their supporters: Confused Rahul acts as Christian, Muslim, Hindu but not behave as true Indian

Alpesh, Jignesh, Hardik Patel, Cong tickets for supporters, Confused Rahul, Acts as Christian in Assam, Muslim in Karnatak, Hindu in Guj, Not true Indian, Saudi Arab accept Yoga, Fatwa against Yoga in India, Sri Sri mediation for Ram Mandir, Sticks on Gandhi-Nehru , Bhagat Singh-Kartara hanged, Follow Xi Jinping not Jesus Cross