BJP to hold Yagna in Bengaluru to highlight importance of cow: Congress Hand in the cow slaughter

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Pitch for parallel polls: PM Modi and President Kovind drop hints

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Merchant of vortes: Janeudhari in Gujrat Election, now Anti-Hindutv in Karnatak

Merchant of vortes, Janeudhari in Gujrat Election, Karnatak, BJP has Hindutv, Ekection issue, Beef eater Sidharamaiah, ISIS linked PFI, Jignesh jihad against Brahmans, Cow killing, Visa to terrorist by Congress, Chidambaram Goa, Burn books

Hindu Terror propaganda again by Janeudhari Rahul and Sidharamaiah for gettting support of Jihadi PFI

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Now GST on 177 items from 28 to 18 percent: Opposition parties should not be in tne net of Pak-China by spreading violence..

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Illegal immigrants Rohingya to be deported, says Rijiju: RSS vs Oppn parties guardians of Anti-nationals

Illegal immigrants, Rohingya to be deported, Rijiju: RSS vs Oppn parties, Guardians of Anti-nationals, Modi Govt, UPA, Communist, Congress, Anti-Hindu West Bengal, Karnatak, Love Jihadi keral. Rob on temples

Nehru to Cong Hand with Cow-blood? Children pushed in separation fire in Kashmir to follow ISIS

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